About Echoes of Pompeii

Echoes of Pompeii is comprised of a 10 piece band (orchestra) to give fans the true sound of a Pink Floyd concert. From synthesizers, delayed vocals, slide guitars and female back up singers, we leave no stone unturned, when it comes to our sound. We will grab you with our state of the art visuals such as lasers, lights, video, and iconic images that Pink Floyd was well known to produce. We play all eras of Pink Floyd from the early Syd Barrett days, to the later exclusion of the Roger Waters era, and everything in between. Our audience will transcend from a calm moving coma state of mind into a standing ovation all night long, as if they were riding a celestial roller coaster. We are all professional and serious when it comes to our favorite music as we take command of the stage. So please take your seat, buckle up and get ready to take flight!

The band
From left to right:-

* Andy Hescher-Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
* Jeremy Andrews-Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
* John Albright-Keyboards
* Bob Frankich-Saxophones
* Robert Wray-Guitar
* Jason Andrews-Lead Vocals, Guitars
* Greg Beultman-Keyboards
* Mike Perriera-Drums

* Jessica Lopez Schmidt-BackUp Vocals
* Alison Stage Giorgi-BackUp Vocals
* Marissa Douglas-BackUp Vocals

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